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I don't know if you already own a 4 wheeler or not, but if not, you can definately buy a good used tractor, disc & brushog for less money than a new 4 wheeler.

This summer, I sold quite a few things I had collected for years (some I really hated to part with) in order to buy a tractor & impliments. I had a $5000 budget. Thanks to this site & tobryan, I was able to purchase a 65 horse tractor for $3000. Paid $400 for a 14' disc, $400 for a 6' brushog, $300 for a 10' chisel plow & $300 for a 3pt broadcast spreader. Total $4400 for everything. Can't buy a new 4 wheeler for that.

I was at Loli Bros auction & could have bought several good tractors for $1500 or less.

If you've got a 500cc 4 wheeler or bigger, I've got an old 6' horsedrawn disc that I worked 8 acres with this spring before I bought my tractor. I'll probably sell it. It works great. Probably as well or better than most of those on that site.
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