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Flying men ruined my hunt, yep I said flying men!!

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Well, it was an interesting evening. I got off work at 4:00, ran home, changed clothes quickly figuring I had about 45 minutes till dark. I've got a blind set up just a few minutes walk from my house. I'm walking to the blind when I see two para gliders, so I called my wife and had her and the kids step outside thinking they would like to see them. The para gliders are now pretty close to the ground and I see them and they see me, I give a little waive. As I'm talking to her she says do you think this will ruin your hunt and I tell her I don't think so it's still a little early. Just about that time three deer, two of which were bucks jump the fence and start running down the opposite edge of the field as me. I hang up on my wife put the phone down and whistle a couple times at the deer, on the second whistle they stop dead in their tracks. The only slickhead is standing behind the other two :mad2:, now mind you the only tag I have left is a doe tag. :stickfight: These three deer run off and as they do I catch movement to my right, seven more bucks jump the fence and run right toward my house!! They jumped the fence east of my house and ran down into the brush below my back yard. Now I'm standing there in shock, I'd never seen anything like that before. :whiteflag: The para gliders landed in the next field over and my hunt for the evening was thus ruined!!!


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hahaha.......I went to tanger mall today and saw them flying about the same time......lol

I wouldn't dare get up in one of those things!
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