Fish safe to eat?

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  1. SwiftKill

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    Feb 24, 2014
    Bought a property a few years ago with two ponds. 1/3 and 1/4 acre. The larger one was stocked with CC. The CC are 22-24" and there seem to be quite a few of them. The farm once had cattle but it was over 7 years ago best I can tell. Do you know where I can have a sample of fish and water tested to determine if they are safe to eat, and water quality?
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    Dec 14, 2009
    I THINK you can get water tested at your MU Extension office but I am not sure. I know they test well water. They will probably just be able to tell you if it has mercury in it or not. That is the most common issue with fish. I've never heard of it being an issue in a farm pond though. I honestly would not think twice about eating fish from a pond, even if it has cattle in it now (this is not an endorsement for letting cattle hang out in a pond). Cut out any red meat or yellow fatty stuff and you should have some good eats. Good luck and happy eating.