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first plot pics of the year

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I don't know about the rest of you but I am pretty fanatical about taking progress pictures of my plots throught the spring and summer. These are the first of the year. Things are still looking bad but there is clover starting back. As long as we don't stay dry all spring I'm very excited about seeing these things in a couple of months!
I didn't get pictures of all the plots this time but here are a few and only of the perennials. The annuals are toast, some wheat coming on but other than that looking pretty sick. Probably will let the wheat do it's thing and leave them be until later in the summer and I'm putting out milo in all of the annuals this year again.
This first picture is taken from about the same perspective of the camera when I rattled in and filmed my brother shooting a nice 8 point this year. This plot is my own mix and due to some germination issues initially last spring this didn't get in until a little late and is the weediest plot by far as a result. Need to do some grass control on this one this spring. This plot goes on for another 75 yards or so past what you can see then an annual continues another 150 yards or so after that.
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Premuim Perennial

This is biologic's premuim perennial that I was VERY impressed with last year and can't wait to see this year. Aside from this plot there is another about 3 times as big or more in another location of the same stuff.

This plot is split between annual and perennial. The annual is on the left and is eaten about to the ground with some wheat coming on now.
On the right is biologic's clover plus that I added chicory to.
Last one

This is a close up of the other premuim perennial plot. It was the best looking and one of the most used last fall, can't wait to see it in a month or two. I got lucky on this one, almost weed free.
I think I'm going to overseed some ladino into all the perennials soon before we run out of frosts and fertilize them as well if we get some moisture in the forecast. When does everyone fertilize their existing plots?
Now would be a good time to put on the P and K on those perrinial plots. Those early starting clovers should eat it up. Your ground looks like it did what ours did this winter. Ours seems like it heaved up from underneath way more than normal. Our bean ground that was fairly smooth is rough and there is'nt a combine track left to be seen anywhere. I am assuming its from the dry weather and the freezes moved the ground more than normal.

Our annual plots are almost bare dirt now too. The deer finally got on the turnips and rape in late january and early february and did'nt leave anything. We only killed 2 deer off the plots this year,,but they at least got some good out of them,,,food plots ain't all about the shooting anyway.

I excited to give mine a try again this year !

Lookin good Hoyt :eek:
I'd like to get some fertilizer on there asap but I'm worried about doing it without moisture. As warm and sunny as things have been I would hate to burn up what's coming up.
Good luck on the new years plots. Great looking locations.
Good looking plots, Hoyt. I'm putting on P and K right now. I normally put it on in the fall, but didn't get it done. I'm holding off on nitrogen because of cost and I'm afraid of volatility in this weather. There is some N in the diammonium phosphate, so that will have to do. Looking forward to more pics of your plots.
Hoyt, I always put 00-60-60 or as close as I can get it (DAP does have some N in it)in March, not enough Nitrogen to burn.
Originally posted by Hoytshooter
I'd like to get some fertilizer on there asap but I'm worried about doing it without moisture. As warm and sunny as things have been I would hate to burn up what's coming up.
P and K should'nt burn anything,,and it won't disipate like nitrogen, so it will just lay and wait for the moisture. The alternative might be to wait for rain,,and the rain might not stop till may:D

We would do ours now,,but its so much easier to hit them with the buggy when we are fertilizing bean ground.

( we are probably missing the boat on some early growth,,but cost and conveinience are worth something)

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