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MDC, thank you and welcome to MWT!

Is there any consideration to move the firearms season outside the heart of the rut as is the current tradition in MO?

Why have the doe season for 12 days follow right behind the firearms season?

Would having ML season pay for an additional tag help raise funds and possibly allow for hiring more agents?

I would like to see archery methods be allowed to harvest and fill both any deer tags at any time of the open archery season. With that, perhaps we should only allow MO hunters a maximum of two antlered bucks and only one with a firearm.

Thank you again for this opportunity.

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As you probably know, serious consideration was given to changing the season timing in 2008. With all the other changes, adding antler restriction counties, changing antlerless and muzzleloader season the decision was made to wait a couple of years and evaluate those changes before considering altering the timing of the Nov portion of the firearms season.

The antlerless portion and the muzzleloader portion were flip flopped because of hunter request. Many muzzleloader hunters wanted to have an opportunity for the deer to settle down a little before that portion of the season in an attempt to improve the quality of the hunting experience.

I don't foresee any changes any time soon to the firearms permit or buck bag limits.
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