Finally back in the ground!

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    IMG_1836.jpg All this dang BIG RAIN has been hard on us/everyone! Our pit popped out back in May and has been chained to a tree since. The creek has gotten out again 2-3 times since then! It would almost get dry enough... then boom another 3+" rain... creek flood! Well Friday it finally got dry enough that we had to jump! With all the rain forecasted it was due or die. Well we got set up, and our welder man canceled on us Friday about 4pm!:mad2::mad2: So we got another lined up Saturday morning. Wake up and the rain is already with in an hour, welder man shows up, equipment man NO SHOWS!!!!:mad2: Luckily buddy "can drive one" not as well. So we got the big "skirt" pieces welded on, hole dug, bastard put in the ground, filled it with our water truck to help hold it down. Lucky it only rained 1" so hopefully can get settled. Been a thorn in our side all summer 20170805_095720.jpg 20170805_103943.jpg
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    Looks like quite a project, hopefully it stays put now.

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    I've never seen anyone who could make a tree grown on an excavator, what are you crops looking like???:brownnose:
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    At least he left his equipment for you to use. I wish someone would leave an excavator at my house I could cause some damage.
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    Looks like that outta do :cheers: