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Feeling blessed 10-30-19 buck

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Cold drizzly wet day. Watched him work his way through a TSI thicket and stop at 6 yards giving me a broadside shot. Quick and easy recovery. All the hard work we've put into the farm, is repaying us with sweet rewards
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Congrats man, very nice deer. How do you like the Sitka?
Congrats man!! Nice buck there!!
Very nice. Congrats. Glad to see your hard work pay off.
Awesome man
Great hunt. And a great buck. Congrats.:cool!:
The sitka is ok. Still working it out on my hunting style and layers
That's a pretty buck, good job!
Congrats, he's a nice one!
Great deer. Way to stick it out on a nasty day.
Good stuff rockchucker. I love it when adults are smiling like a kid! If you aren't having fun, why do it? Congrats. :tup:
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Beautiful deer!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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