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Ended turkey season by visiting a spot on the farm I worked on last summer.

Where I cut stumps and treated immediately with tordon some stumps, bout 60% had a single resprout or two. No crazy bushes but still alive.

Where I double girdled, no herbicide, I had a few stump sprouts. Maybe 25% of the cut trees. And they were typ multiple sprouts.

Where I hacked and squirted and treated w tordon I had 50% of the trees have a single branch of new leaves, otherwise it was dead.

Given all the other benefits w H&S, that seems like the way to go. Especially if another herbicide is more effective.

Typ Ozark hardwoods; oak, hickory, sassafras, maple, etc.

Cost effective is a positive too cause I have a verrrry high basal area and millions of saplings to treat.

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