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Faulty Smith & Wessons

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but you have to read all the posts and see the pics. I wonder if the make the .460s and 500s the same way? Ughhhh.:eek::eek::eek:
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that will cause a flinch
My smith is a semi-auto :banana:
:eek:barrels falling off? surely thats not true.
they are threaded in aren't they?missfires i could see
if they have a problem with the hammer safety.
Pics don't lie, igor, read the whole thread and look at the pics.
sorry didn't look at the whole thread.
it looks almost like the barrels (where they broke)
are cast. still in a revolver? there's not really any signifigant
pressure due to the space between the cylinder
and the forceing cone?
overtightened barrel? tell me i'm wrong, i'm open.
Two piece barrels, and they aren't holding up. Whatever pressure IS in the barrel WOULD be there in the choke point, too, although no one has been hurt yet. 1.5M bucks, and NC wants it back! I don't blame them. Never liked sleeved barrels, which is why I don't like Springfield 1911s, either. If you have one, look at the barrel top, in the ejection port,scary, huh?
glennasher1 if this is right smith and wesson is gonna get seriously
reamed.gotta look into this one a little bit closer i'm still not
tottaly buyin, yet.
http://www.herald-sun.com/state/6-714367.html Here's a little more info on it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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