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Ok guys and gals, I left about a acre in the bottom plot
open for a fall plot I disc it the other day and Im just waiting
till the mid August or 1st of Sept depending on the weather pattern to plant.
I planted about a 1 1/2 acxre aof turnips and got very little usage last year but neither di my beans because of all the acorns
as you can see in other posts I am well on my way to having a good bean
corn crop and have very good stand of clover.
I like to have a fall plot that is fresh and green and will make it into the winter for a variety.
I was going with wheat or oats, I did get some rape seed one year
from MrB and the deer did hit it after a frost and I have used some Biologic and had good results,this plot is between a
beans and clover plot I would appreciate your input very much
Keep in mind Im very tight on the budget. I just paid for a wedding you know. you can look at my post of the July 18
update pics and it will be next to the beans in the bottom.
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