Exciting But not Cutting Meat

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    Jun 11, 2003
    Went this morning set up where I seen plenty of Rubs.Daylight come I Rattled and Grunted,waited nothing,Doe Bleat,wait.Little bit later see the flicker of Tail.

    Watching its a Doe.Too Far.Bleat,acts interested,looks back down the hill,walks on.See her running back down the hill,Big Body after her couldn't tell what kind of Rack.Lose sight of them.

    Grunt,wait,Doe Bleat.Here comes the Doe back,she get 30 yards from me but there is too much brush.She spots me but can't figure me out even with Hunters Orange on.Finally she clears the brush.I let the Safety off Fire,she drops the Bolt goes over her Back.She runs and stops I recock Bow.She hears me leaves.

    I Doe Bleat,wait.8:30 I have to get ready for Church,I'm getting my Gear picked up,look up to see the Does Tail going through the brush. :blah:

    :D Looks like the Big Grin has to go fishing or starve.
  2. Jeremy


    Dec 22, 2006
    at least your seeing something, better than I'm doin out there