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European wall mounts for sale.....

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I'm making these wall mounts for anyone who is interested in mounting their Euro mounts. I've got 3 styles, one for the gun shooters which resembles a hollow point bullet, one for the bow hunters that resembles an old flint arrow head, and a mounting hole that you can put the arrow in, I can provide a short one if ya like, and a traditional one, some pics below. I got Oak, and Cedar. $50 for the Oak, $60 for the Cedar, shipping would be no more than $12.00, or if you like I can make a custom one for you. Comes with mounting hardware and instructions to mount skull. If your interested, you can even bring me your head, and I'll process it up for you and mount it on a plaque of your choice for $100.00 for Oak, $110.00 for a Cedar. Shoot me a U2 if your interested.

This is the bullet one

The Traditional one

The Arrowhead one

[file]82341[/file] [file]82343[/file] [file]82345[/file]
Mounted one
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nice work for sure ...got a few bucks i should have one like that 13 and a 140 they would like nice on your arrowhead plaque.ill keep u in mind for next season or if i score a late season thumper..good prices too
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