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Escalating gun costs

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Figured I'd start another thread on this one.

From what I saw it was an industry wide happening.

One reason I think this happened was because metal costs had gone sky high and the gun makers were having to pay for this and also forecast into their year long pricing?

I bought a Rem 700 in October of 2007. Same gun one year later was about $150 more. January 1 of 2009 I believe CZ increased costs about $100-$200 depending on the gun.

Maybe also supply/demand? Kinda with what happened on the ammo and reloading stuff?

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Not sure about the raw material thing. I buy steel everyday and am paying between 35 and 65 cents a pound for carbon steel, not scrap, from the mill with certs. Just called a supplier, 4140 can be bought all day for under a dollar a pound. I would say there are other factors involved.
The steel prices peaked in 2007. Back then, I would get quotes that were good for 1 day. On average in 2007 I was paying about 85 cents a pound for A36 material. There have been a few marginal increases this year, a penny or 2 per pound but nothing drastic. I typically buy from Steel & Pipe Supply or Cardinal Steel Supply. I will try and get a quote on some 1018 today and see what it comes in at. I work at a fab shop and we do structural & ductwork type jobs. Mainly for Ameren UE and Granite City Steel.
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