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Escalating gun costs

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Figured I'd start another thread on this one.

From what I saw it was an industry wide happening.

One reason I think this happened was because metal costs had gone sky high and the gun makers were having to pay for this and also forecast into their year long pricing?

I bought a Rem 700 in October of 2007. Same gun one year later was about $150 more. January 1 of 2009 I believe CZ increased costs about $100-$200 depending on the gun.

Maybe also supply/demand? Kinda with what happened on the ammo and reloading stuff?

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The price on CZs can be blamed, in part, on the value of the dollar. The exchange rate is favoring the euro more so than the US dollar right now, and prices have increased because of that.

The CZ 527 American, in .204, that I bought three or four years ago, for $400, is now about $579 at the same store I got mine from. (mine WAS on sale when I got it, I saved about $40 at that time).

I have the 'burnin' wants' for a 452 American in .22 Magnum, but not at the current rate of exchange. It'll have to wait awhile.:whinging:
[rquote=1502991&tid=104875&author=Big L]Last I saw was at Denny Dennis who is already higher than most but around $400 for a Marlin[/rquote]

Not a bad price at all, look at the current RETAIL price on Marlin .30/30s, I saw a stainless half-magazine/laminated stocked one the other day, for $579!! and it might have been $679, I quit looking when I saw the configuration.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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