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Encore encore

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Rifle Magazine in pdf form so need Acrobat Reader.

Rifle Magazine LINK

Some details and pics regarding the new Pro Hunter variation of the Encore. One thing that isn't shown specific to the muzzleloader models is a new type of breechplug. The addition of the rotating hammer (serrated section) eliminates need for a hammer extension.
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Interesting but I don't think I'll be running out to buy one.

Thanks for the link.

I'm gonna have to read it later, but one question, if'n you don't mind:

Are the only changes in the hammer spur & fluted barrel?
The new MLer barrels will be different and will not fit the old Encore receivers supposedly. Probably a whole new reciever so you can't use anything new on anything old. So Thompson can make more money.:bangin:

Well ~ they're gonna have to make more money off someone else...

I'm very happy with my White ML's! :wink4:
Since the Shot Show will be underway Wednesday, more details should be public soon. When you read that pdf, you will know as much as I do - except for a rumor about the new ml breechplugs. I think the barrels will work on existing frames and with existing stocks, but am not totally sure.

copy and paste entire url to address bar: http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.c...ro&submit=Find+it!&typ=All&mfg=00031&dept=Any

if that url works it will take you to Midsouth where they have a number of the Pro Hunter barrels available. No ml yet that I could see.

Here's another interesting tidbit at Midsouth that more or less confirms the rumor of a new G2 in stainless....


ah dun edited muh brain:fart:
The new Pro Hunter muzzleloader variation

The above showing the new rifle's action. A new fully rotating extractor is incorporated (not like the EZ, the whole thing rotates out of the way). The pivoting hammer (right or left) appears to be a nice touch that eliminates need for an extension.

The new barrels are 28" in total length.

The new (but old concept) staggered 'threads' on the Pro Hunter breechplug allow a 90 degree turn and remove feature.

New stocks on the rifle incorporate a Limbsaver recoil pad and inserts. Should make shooting heavy loads much more pleasant.

Pictures and information courtesy of Randy Wakeman. Randy is shown holding the new rifle in the second picture and had a favorable opinion overall.
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UC, I have an Encore Pro Hunter Barrel 243 on my older Encore frame shoots real good
What are these going for?
Got mine for $ 243 they are selling on E-Bay for $ 280When I said older frame my Encore is probably 5 years old, I can't see why the Pro Hunter barrel would't fit. Works fine on mine!
http://www.whittakerguns.com/default.htm has the best price I've seen on the complete rifle. Still gonna be well over 700. :eek:
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