Employees handling cash - any laws about protecting them?

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    Mar 20, 2007
    Thought someone may know of new laws out there that enforces vidio or alarms for emplyees who handle larg sums of cash at the work place. My company has over 35 locations in Missouri and has been robbed more that a dozen times this year (that I know of)

    I thought I saw on the news that law was going into effect regarding gas stations. Althogh we are not a service station, we handle very large sums of cash and no training or policy about robbery or safety whatsoever. Not even a policy about bringing weapons into work with you.

    any input?
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    Mar 1, 2005
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    I work in a bank.

    There are no laws at the federal level and certainly not at the state level (missouri law favors the employer) that would require alarms or cameras to be placed.

    The only reason they do security training is to protect themselves. For example, you are trained to give the robber the money. Well if you go against that, try to fight him, and you get yourself or another co-worker killed --- you're the one in trouble because you went against the training.
    It just helps get them off the hook in a lawsuit.

    Back a couple years ago I worked in a very large bank in St. Charles that did a lot of business. In the summer we had a blackout for 4-5 hours because a squirrel decided to fry himself. Well we had no electric, it was fairly dark in the building, no phones, no cameras, no alarms, etc. The manager said we had to remain open. I got mad and called OSHA on the cell phone. They stated that there are no laws agaist that - the only way they would step in was if the building was so dark that there was risk of workers tripping and falling into things.

    Short answer - your work isn't required to do anything.