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here is well written review,

We just got our first one in today. Here are my thoughts (my own) AND actual numbers of performance.

The Valor uses the same grip profile as the Enlist. It is pretty slim with a nice flat back. Very similar to the older PSE's and the New Breed grip. It is very comfortable in the hand and repeatable.

The riser is the Impulse 31 riser with the Enlist grip. It's caged, and stout. Feels great in the hand.

Limbs and cams are from the Ritual series. Regardless of what anyone says about two track binaries being obsolete, these cams are money. Super smooth and super efficient (people need to not just look at speed rating, but at the speeds they get WITH the brace height AND do some testing for themselves). I have owned two 33's and a 35 and tested the 30 and now this Valor. They all have hit or exceeded their rating and are super smooth on the draw. There are definitely faster cams on the market but you usually pay for speed in the draw cycle. And before anyone starts naming bows that beat it, I tune everything on the market and have already owned a Realm X, Xpedition Denali, OB Lawless, Prime CT3, and Vertix just in the last 6 months. I know what else is out there.

The camo finish is outstanding. I think Elite may have the best camo finish on the market today.

No LTR but the cable guard can be rotated for lateral tuning in small amounts.

Specs from the factory:
28 3/4" ata
6 15/16 brace
60.2 lbs
28 1/8" measured on draw board with a 28" mod

490 grain arrow 3 shot average through the Chrono: 245 fps

That is with a tied in nock set and d loop shooting through a whisker biscuit. Caldwell G2 Chrono.

Don't let the 329 ibo fool you. This thing is a sweet shooter for sure. I am very impressed. If you are looking for a compact hunting bow that is super smooth, this is it. And it is running at 7" of brace. And for $649 MAP, it's a great value for someone looking for a short ata bow.
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