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  1. I'm a a tree at Rocky Mountain High this morning. It's a nice little clover plot in the middle of some big timber close to the house. I got pics of a unique three year old 8 point that I had pics of last year. His drop tine really had me contemplating shooting him if the opportunity presented itself. Though I thing he could be a good deer next year esp if he keeps the drop. I'm out to put a fat nanny in the freezer this morning. Good luck everyone who is out.
    Here's a pic of him last year...
    Also, my daughter is 4 days old now and she is still the cutest baby I've ever seen.
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    She is adorable Joseph. Good luck this morning.

  3. Fawn under me on licking branch at first light, I hope her momma is to follow
  4. Thanks Todd.
    Momma doe got past me in top pin range before I could see pins. It's early though.
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    That's the kinda deer that needs to avoid rifles and make it another year or two.
  6. I have made it out a few hunts, seen a few deer but nothing with head gear to speak of. It has been hot. I will do a better job of updating the thread this weekend.
  7. After checking my cameras Sunday, i think tonight is the night to go in after Turnup. He is a 5.5 year old 8 point that I have a lot of history with. He is a dufas and broke his G3 off but he is doing the same thing over and over just after dark, walking down a logging road cutting over to the neighbors bean field. If I have service I will keep you all posted.
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  9. Okay so since the R doesnt look like its going to stop, Im going to grab a blind at the farm and watch it rain on my brassicas. Might not see a deer but it will make my heart happy.
  10. In the blind watching it rain on my Maximum with a couple buddies. There was a doe and two fawns eating ten yards in from the blind when we came in. [​IMG]
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    Were your 2 buddy's bud and weiser ?
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    I'd hold off on the drop. I had pics of one at 2 that had a drop about 1.5 inches. Never saw him live. I passed him at 3 with a pretty good drop tine, other than the drop he was about a 130" 10pt, I decided to pass. Last year I filmed him at 4, with 2 drop tines, one about 9-10", and passed twice at less than 25. He's 5 this year and I hope I kill him. If I don't, I sure will look like a fool after last year.
  13. They were Cory and Joe lol
  14. I am passing on him. Have a few other deer I would rather kill and If he makes it he will be a very cool deer, though in that neighborhood it is very unlikely.
  15. Got out this morning to one of my leases and arrowed a nice doe. Still shooting high from treestand with new Hoyt. Not sure why when I'm lights out from the ground. Got some mandatory meat, now bring on cold fronts
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    Atta boy, I need to make some meat right quick.
  18. With the 25 degree swing in temperatures and good wind, I'm headed in after work to one of my leases to sit the tower blind over the corn and bean food plot. About 2 acres of beans and 3 acres of corn. Hopefully the weather will have them on their feet and hungry.
    This will be my first time hunting this farm this year, and though we have had zero bucks even close to being shooters on camera, I know that there has to be a couple around. A friend of a guy I know that has a trail cam in the area got pics of a stud 11 point that could easily headed to our place after the crops came out.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
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  20. Tommy and I got into the tower before the monsoon started, 3 or 4 moms and minis came out and when it cut loose hey headed back into the timber and didn't see another deer. Needed the rain though. So no complaints from me.