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Dull and boring..................

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I gave away my Ruger American rifles to nephews a couple of weeks ago, as I thought they'd get more use out of them than I would.
That left me with one poor old lonesome 10/22 DSP (Deluxe Sporter, checkered walnut stock, a Green Mountain barrel, and a couple other enhancements).

I kinda hated that the Ruger was all alone, so today I found a new Ruger 10/22 in the modular stock, a Second version in the series of three (so far). It has some neat gadgets and gewgaws, a Picatinny rail and a peep sight, and a front sight that reminds me of an M1 Carbine, and that neat modular stock. I put a "scope" module on the stock, so I could use a Leupold Freedom Rimfire scope on it (I did try it with the peep sights, but I can't see well enough to use them, sadly).
It shoots "okay", about like any other stock 10/22, favoring Aguila SE-HV ammo, and CCI Blazer, both of which are easy to find here. Geco Semi-Auto ammo was better, but it's dried up everywhere I've looked:mad2:. What surprised me the most, is that it does NOT shoot well with CCI MiniMags, that was kind of a shocker. CCI SV was okay, but nothing special. Federal Value Pack ammo, from WallyWorld, is about like trying to throw a fish through a basketball hoop.
All in all, it shoots just like any other stock 10/22. Nothing special at all. It handles nice, and is good enough to kill stuff, but there's nothing to write home about with it.
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I have a few dull and boring rifles....still gonna keep them. Grandson might find them exciting on down the road after I'm gone.
Can't have too many rimfires! Congrats on your new rifle. I have been eyeballing the Ruger Custom Shop Competition 10/22. Wish one of the gunshops I visit would get one in stock.
Took the newby 10/22 out again this morning, in the wonderful 60 degree weather, and danged if that gun won't shoot with my semi-custom 10/22! It seems to favor the Aguila load more than any other ammo I had with me. I think it will be fun fooling with it. It's gonna be my less-than-good-weather gun.


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