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Drip Torch Question

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Bought a drip torch...everything i read said to use 50/50 gasoline and diesel fuel.

The User Guide says to use Kerosene and diesel.


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Diesel and kerosene in the same family but refining has kerosene with a lower flash point (read easier to ignite) than diesel ..hence the mix ..gasoline with an even lower flash point than kerosene and also releases far more voluble vapors that will ignite than either kerosene or diesel ..kerosene is most expensive of the 3 fuel in question but availability is even worse than the price ..so with "Kentucky windage" folks add gasoline ...if you can get kerosene use the 50/50 D&K ..if not ..then the introduction of gasoline will work but you'll not find me pouring 50/50 D&G ..80/20 max D&G.. but that's just one guys opinion ..THINK fire chain following up the drips and vapor when you're pouring with 50/50 D&G

1/3 gas 2/3 diesel. Using 25% gas is hard to keep torch lit.
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Lowe's and Home Depot carry kerosene in 1 gallon containers
the shell station on Truman use to carry kerosene in a pump, not sure if they do any more
I use 25%G to 75%D. Stays light and lights fine.. 50/50 scares me
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I use 25%G to 75%D. Stays light and lights fine.. 50/50 scares me
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