Drill speed

Discussion in 'Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation' started by Kickers288, May 22, 2009.

  1. Kickers288

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    was reading owners manual on drill and it says slow speed drilling and fast...........what would be a slow speed? 5 mph?? fast speed?? 8-10mph?
  2. Big L

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    never thought about it in mph always referred to it as rpm,cant say I know

  3. pinwheel

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    Jun 17, 2006
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    I put it in 3 low & go. Have no clue how fast that is.
  4. henry

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    You don't by chance have a drill with 2 different gear ratios do you????

    I know the great plains drill we rent has different gear combinations to change the drill speeds.