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    For more than four decades, Dr. James C. Kroll has conducted research on deer nutrition and genetics. The Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research has been the driving force behind modern deer management, and Dr. Kroll (aka, Dr. Deer) is recognized as the foremost authority on whitetail biology and management.

    The research facility near Nacogdoches, TX has produced many discoveries and developments over the years, including deer feeds and forages. Recently, Dr. Deer and Texas Farm Products released Dr. Kroll's proprietary deer feed for distribution. Landowners and deer managers have been asking for the feed for many years, but Dr. Kroll could not find a company that would adhere to his exacting standards. "The vast majority of deer feeds on the market today," says Doc, "are manufactured by least cost formulation, meaning that the constituents in one batch may differ greatly from the next!" This means that whitetails, that cannot handle changes in feed components suffer and exhibit subpar performance. Lone Star (Texas Farm Products) have guaranteed in writing that the ingredients used in making the Dr. Deer feed will not change substantially over time.

    Unfortunately, at this time, the Dr. Deer feed is only offered in eastern Texas, Louisiana, and western Mississippi. Go on line to find a Lone Star dealer near you. "I put my four and half decade reputation behind this feed," asserts Kroll.

    Dr. James C. Kroll and Ben H. Koerth show off the Dr. Deer feed available at Lone Star outlets.
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    N/C Missouri
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    Makes ya wonder with a name like HORNS plus!!?? Is it for sheep and cattle????
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    his time would be better spent worshiping at the petri dish of Dr Bastain.
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    something else that would fly off the shelfs in MO during November
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    At least he got it right with Antler Dirt.
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    I was thinking they should package this with antler dirt and sell by the pallet???
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    Be nice if people told the public the truth instead of taking advantage of the uninformed for profit.Would love to have someone get behind increasing natural browse and the quality of it on a property.That accompanied by other healthy food sources and quality soil is all that's needed to grow big bones.The number one factor being soil quality.If all the deer in a given area eat the same diet they will be generally the same size.
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    Got a big buck on the bag! Must be good!
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    If we could get someone on here with a semi to go down to Texas and get a lot of it we'd be ahead of the rest of the guys in MO. We'd all be shooting monster deer this fall.

    If someone goes, I'll take a bag of it. :)
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    But thats not easy like pouring out some feed. Everything is about habitat but people constantly look for shortcuts.
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    I'm in

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    Got to agree when I hunted up North just seen Bigger Deer on Crop Ground and mostly in river Bottoms. Throw in Genetics and wala.


    :D The Big Grin got fatter after she was Spaded.
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    How much for a bag?
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    Dr dread strikes again. Lol.
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    There are a few promoting native browse. Dr. Craig Harper has put a lot of information out there on the benefits of native browse. Land and Legacy promotes it a lot in there podcasts and information on social media as well.
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    Be nice to see one of these folks get a show that the common man can see without internet research.You would think a group like QDMA who has the funds would create a real deer show that shows people realistic stuff but yet you will never see it.We have to watch Pod cast of real biologist or internet based shows
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    You would think so. The problem is for every one of us who doesn't take the purchased opinion of these guys pimping some product, as golden truth. There are just as many trying to find out where to buy the next new Dr. Deer deer feed, antler dirt, plot rock, any other "shortcut" to big bucks from "experts."