double break

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    was at work last night, and the pipefitters had lines hooked to a mule, 2 inch line at that, when one of the quick disconnects failed the line flipped wildly and hit a co-workers ankle, he went down like a sack full of feed, the mule was shut down, and when we got to him the 2 inch heavy brass quick disconnect snapped his shin and broke his ankle, im pretty sure that shortly after the ambulance got there he was feeling nooooooo pain, no blood at the scene but his ankle and leg swelled up real good, he'll have a good vacation before returning to work, poor guy was trying to get up when we got to him, and he couldn't understand why he was having problem, i threw my carhart coat down on the concrete and got him to lay down, 1 of the other guy's covered him with another carhart, we just chatted with him till help arrived, the ankle looked the worse of the 2 but we didn't tell him that, we just kept him relaxed as best we could till the plant emergency help got there and the Ambulance arrived, was a crazy crazy sight to witness when the disconnect broke loose, just bad timing, he was walking through when it come loose and hit him, not like he was standing there asking for it
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    Dec 27, 2005
    :eek: Hope he heals up quick.