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Don't mess with your equipment.......

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DSG got rid of "the shanks" today! :wave:

So as not to tell a long drawn out story, I'll just say this;

IN ARCHERY, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! It may cost you! :banghead:
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Amen Brutha!!! I can't tell you how many times I've fooled with something to get it "just right" and completely taken myself back to the drawing board.
You shed those shanks huh? GREAT! Wanna shoot 3d's now?

jay......bad thing is, that is the philosophy that I preach. Somehow I thought I was good enough that it didn't apply to me. :bangin:

A little dose of humility is sometimes a good thing. (And practicing what you preach!) :cheers:
Yeah CP it is. But it applies to Archery too, when you are seemingly doing everything right and the arrow ain't going where it is supposed to, like it has a mind of it's own.
Yeah, its another term too. :peepwall:
Hey Kurt, Come on down and shoot this weekend!!!

Should be a good time and they have added 10 more targets....

Glad ya got the shank problem ironed out...
alwys.......I know you are gonna prolly dis-=own me for this but it is 'post to be over 70 degrees bofe Sat and Sun. Umm, I imagine I will be found bofe days on Truman Lake trying to fill the freezer wiff crappie for the Spring Campout at Haysers!

:peepwall: SORRY!
Not at all bud....A good day of Crappie fishin trumps a bow shoot any day.

So, Kurt, you're not going to share what you fixed that wasn't broke?

You should share so that I don't make the same mistake.:D
Matt. Yes, I will.

I have ALWAYS shot wiff my head really screwed down on the string and nose pushed on the string.

A month ago, (the day before that first St Elizabeth shoot) I decided to go through the whole; draw your bow with your eyes closed process, come to your anchor and then set the peep in a comfortable postition from there. When I did that, I ended up moving the peep up about an inch.

I had slowly crept it down over the last month. Today, I decided to take it all the way back down to where it was (about another half inch.) Now I am really baring down on the string again. My anchor is rock solid. It brought my front shoulder back down and my back tension is awsome again. And most importantly, I am drilling the target.

All very simple. Just goes to show, don't believe everything you read in books about setup. :cheers:

Like I said, I thought I was good enough to adjust to it but I was wrong. :bangin:
Matt, I shoulda known that first day down at St Elizabeth what the problem was. I remember A LOT of times that day, depending on the terrain drawing back and I wasn't even close to having the sight housing centered in the peep. I just thought I could adjust and shoot through it.

Not so. :bangin:
I had a similar problem at the last shoot....cept mine was from a cheap stock string that has stretched and wouldn't hold my peep straight. Had me throwin' everything right. I noticed I kept having to adjust my anchor just a little to line everything up through a slightly turned peep. Before the shot, my anchor would kind of drift a little, "uncentering" my sight housing without me realizing it....frustrating. Time for a good string. :banghead:
CP, if you don't mind me saying so, I think your string problem may be your grip. DSG will be able to explain this better than I can. There are basically three different methods of gripping the riser of your bow. I'd play around with those grips and see if that fixes the problem of your string hitting your arm before you go buying a new string. The custom string will wear also. I'd just hate to see you throw away $75 on the string and have the same thing happen.

Check out this link....
CP, also try waxing the snot outta your string. It's prolly dry. Best way is to get a whole bunch of wax on the string then take a small piece of leather and work it in (heat, friction) to the string by running it back and forth on the string.

If you are whacking your arm that bad, you need to change something too. Maybe as simple as opening your stance a bit or something.
Just to throw my .02 in here CP. I haven't seen you shoot but and as jmmcguire stated your grip may be one reason that the string is hitting your arm. Another more common cause would be locking your elbow. Sometimes this just happens naturally, but the easiest way to fix this problem is to shorten your draw length just a bit. Most cams will allow you to go 1/2" either way, just takes someone with a press to get this done. It is also an inexpensive way to see if it is the problem.

Origanily quoted by DSG
I have ALWAYS shot wiff my head really screwed down on the string and nose pushed on the string.
Curt, shame on you. I'am sure you'll remember one of your first lessons when you started shooting, Bring to bow to YOU, not You going to the bow. Old habits are hard to break. Keep working on it.

MoBowman ```---------->
Too long of a draw length is common for whacking your arm.

But I believe the whatever works for you works best theroy.

Years ago while at the indoor nations in Kansas City I watch a guy shoot a bow that was way too short for him. I mean it looked like he was shooting a kids bow. His bow arm was bent to where his elbow was almost touching his ribs. Anyway he was shooting smoke and knocking the eye out of the spot. It definately worked for him.
Originally posted by MoBowman

Curt, shame on you. I'am sure you'll remember one of your first lessons when you started shooting, Bring to bow to YOU, not You going to the bow. Old habits are hard to break. Keep working on it.
Thanks MoBowman for the reminder. :cheers:

However I don't really go to the string. When I get it back at full draw I just really bring the anchor in close. Yes, I suppose I do a little with my nose but it really gives me a solid anchor.

Some of the problem comes from these damm short ata bows. With the short ata you can't anchor where you SHOULD anchor which is under your chin with the string splitting the dent in your chin. (I know, not everyone has a dent but you get the pic. ) Thus you have to find another way to lock the anchor down.

It's seems my way is to really squeeze it in. :cheers:
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