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just got back from kansas, special thanks to rat and
glennasher. good info, we had a really good time.
lots of dogs, good shooting.
that mexican restaurant in elkhart is one of the
best i have ever ate at, good food, good people.
in my opinion (limited as it is) the cimmeron grasslands
are a real good place for the first time shooter.
we left at three in the morning from armstrong and
headed to booneville jumped on i-70 and commenced
hauling a$$ about five minutes into that, a big ole
doe ran out in front of us and we whacked her a good
one running 75 mph, really got lucky.
I guess she caught the brunt of it in the frame and the
tow hooks, still screwed up my truck a little, after that
(being nervous as he**) we made good time.
then pik is all for you glennasher, ask for gore you
got it. if it works.
rat the shooting bench in the bed is the only way to fly.


Under appreciated
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Igor... glad you had a good time!! I'm definitely going back next year.

Did you try different places each day.. move around quite a bit?
We stayed in one small area all one day and had all the shooting we wanted.


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Yep, that's gory all right! Many kind thank yous! I do love some range rat gore . Now I'm getting rared up to go! Leaving Friday night, and it can't come fast enough for me!
Sorry to hear about your deer misfortune, though, that kinda takes the bloom off the rose, I'm glad no one was hurt!
It sounds like I've helped create a monster here on MWT, we might have to change the name of the place!. Missouri Ratwhackers, or some such........
In any event, I'm glad you had a good time, and maybe I'll get lucky and do the same next week! Good on ya, Igor!

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when we finally arrived and got checked in to the motel, we headed out to the towns.
it wasn't too hot or windy. the first one was kind of sparse and we moved pretty quickly.
the next one (right across the road) was full of dogs. whacked the crap out of them.
the next day was HOT and windy, we did okay in the morning and the midday was
really slow. we had a small meeting and decided to treat them like crows
(do the hit and run thing) that worked awesome, whacked a lot of dogs. next day
was the same had to move alot until we ran into a local cattle owner who ran his cows
on the grasslands. he turned us on to a town that hadn't hardly been touched,
whacked a bunch of dogs on that place. wish we had found it sooner, but now we know.
if we go there next year i think we will go a little earlier in the year that heat was
oppresive as he**.

too late, been a monster for a while, just not on the dogs.
the deer (suprisingly) really didn't do that much damage bent the bumper a pinch
and destroyed the fairing under it, broke the fog light. i thought we were done when we
hit her. just glad i have good comp insurance no out of pocket :wink:
good luck to ya whack one good for the crew at mo whitetails!

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that picture is just beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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