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Doe Movement?

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Ok I didn't see the Deer i figured I should while I was hunting this last week.What I'm thinking is more the Full Moon and some Pressure.I seen plenty of Deer moving just before Light and after Dark.

Am I right on this should I see more durring Muzzleloader Season?

:D The Big Grin might go this time sure as heck not missed around here.:whinging:
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I went last night did not see anything until 4:45 when a doe came out at 10 yards from me but she had her little one with her so I let her walk. Got out right before dark and walked 200 yards and looked down the hill where we have 2 stands and saw over 40, 2 nice 140 bucks in the cut bean field . So they are starting to group up
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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