Disabled(stroke survivor) fishing permits

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  1. deerblaster

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    Mar 2, 2005
    NewFlorence Mo
    My lady is a stroke survivor, she can't do much for herself. We were wondering if she would need a fishing permit to fish on MDC, or other bodies of water?
    I need to get a wildlife code book.
    Thank you.
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    Dec 14, 2009
    I'll try and post the exemption list tomorrow but she probably needs a permit unless she is wheelchair bound. If she meets the free criteria then she'll most likely need a physicians statement in place of the permit.
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  3. Maconplc

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Sorry, I've been out of the office a lot. The list of fishing permit exemptions reads:

    Everyone who fishes must have the appropriate lifetime, annual, or daily fishing permit or qualify for an exemption.The following qualify for an exemption, but must purchase a daily trout fishing tag or trout permit when or where required:

      • Any Missouri resident landowner and resident lessee of land, and all members of their immediate households (see definition on Page 45), when fishing on the land they own or on which they lease and reside.
      • Any Missouri resident (whether or not meeting the definition of a landowner) who owns land that completely encloses a body of water, or any member of his or her immediate household, when fishing in those waters.
      • Any Missouri resident 65 years of age or older.
      • Any person (resident or nonresident) 15 years of age or younger.Youth who are fishing without a permit are limited to the following methods: pole and line, gig, bow, crossbow, snaring, grabbing, and snagging.
      • Any Missouri resident with a visual acuity not exceeding 20/200 in the better eye with maximum correction, or having 20 degree or less field of visual concentric contraction.Must carry a certified statement of eligibility from a licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist, or physician.
      • Any Missouri resident who is so severely and permanently disabled as to be unable to move freely without the aid of a wheelchair.Must carry a certified statement of eligibility from a licensed physician.
    1. Any Missouri resident with cerebral palsy or a mental disorder or illness as defined in Missouri Revised Statutes, section 630.005, and who is so severely disabled that he or she cannot fish alone.Must be accompanied by a licensed adult angler and must possess a certified statement of eligibility from a licensed physician qualified to evaluate and treat the developmentally disabled.
    1. Any resident or nonresident who is an honorably discharged veteran who has a service-related disability of 60 percent or greater, or who was a prisoner of war during military service.Must carry a certified statement of eligibility from the U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs.
    2. Any member of the U.S.military currently assigned as a patient to a Warrior Transition Brigade, Warrior Transition Unit, or a military medical center.Must carry orders showing such assignment.

    I hope that helps clarify.
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