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So I got I got in on all the turkey hunts at Busch again this year. I was able to go a lot last season but when I went to scout the other day solo I realized that I'm getting worse health wise and probably shouldn't be going out solo anymore. I had a pretty eventful last season between the fire department having to come find me and help me out of a field off a old service road, to almost getting shot at little lost creek on the last day.
I was planning on going out this morning but just wasn't feeling strong enough to load up and roll out. The one day I wake up super early with no problem I end up not feeling good. Maybe I'll just drive the service roads late morning today. I have a special use permit to drive all the service roads at Busch and have a permit to shoot from a vehicle. I would rather get my first Turkey the hard way but with this being my 3rd year trying with no luck, I will take what I can get.
Or maybe someone here can help me out? I have a extra tag that has to be worn while with me at Busch.
Hell I'm also willing to do some driving to fill a tag this year since I don't think I got on the Mark Twain disabled hunt.
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