Disabeld hunters wishing to use the ADA blinds in 2011 season and on. Regs have changed.

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    Well thankfully the MDC has finally gotten around to uniforming the proses to get into teh ADA blinds at the duck parks. NO longer will it be at the hunters worrd that they qualify to use it. Starting for next season one will have to have a exemption from MDC

    Whiel at Ottor Slough on Wed i picked up the info.

    I have to type the letter out i picked up on wed i not got a scanner.


    Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Blind Information:

    If you, or someone you know plans to reserve a Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Hunting Blind on a Conservation Area' please note the following changes for the 2011:

    Gunters eligible to reserve a Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Hunting Blind on one of the MDC Managed wetland areas should plan to have the form, Physicians's statment of eligibility" completed for the 2011 season. These forms will be available online at http://www.mdc.mo.gov/ or at one of the 8 regional offices by next summer.


    Effective March 1, 2011- A completed and singd Phisicians Statement of Eligibility form will be requird to reserve a Disabled-Accessible waterfowl hunting blind.

    The form will be requierd for ALL disabled individuals wishing to reserve a blind.

    Hunting Method Exemption form Part 1 ( stationary Veicle ) will substitute for the Physicions's Statement of eligibility.

    Hope no one minds me posting this info.

    I called MDC and they said the forms will be ready early summer. BUt if u have the veicle exemption you good to go now for the change next year.
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    Good to know; thanks for posting it. :cheers:

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    Thanks for the heads-up! :wave: