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    One preparation every deer hunter should make, is knowing where to locate a tracking dog quickly, if one is needed. Blood tracking dogs are trained to follow hoof prints that contain scent from the innerdigital gland, and to distinguish the scent of a wounded deer from other tracks in the area. Of course the sooner a dog is put on the trail, the greater the chance of recovery.

    To find a tracking dog, Google "United Blood Trackers", and click on "Find a tracker". Select a tracker in your location, and carry the number so you have it when needed.
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    I didn't know there was a group or organization available for that. Thanks.

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    If you live in North Central Missouri, I am listed on there. Keep in mind, even though we have been training for several months on different types of game drags and blind retrieves, this will be the first season for real-world tracking of wounded game.

    I am looking for opportunities to get her experience, but need to be selective to make sure there is a decent probability of recovery.
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    I have a tracking dog in the Springfield area, and will travel a reasonable distance. Calls will be screened to determine the likelihood of recovery, since about 50% of wounded bucks are back to chasing does within 24 hours.
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    :wave: Hi Brad! Thanks for the info!
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    Good information. I will copy this to the deer tracking forum.