Deer must not be scared of cows

Discussion in '2011 Whitetail General' started by jk96, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Nov 18, 2008
    Buchanan County
    Hunted a new stand today in a funnel between two fields. The timber narrows to about 150 yards. I've never setup there in the past due to the field on the east side of the funnel being a cow pasture. I've heard stories of how cows can ruin an area so I've never given it a shot. Looks like I may have been missing out.

    Got to the stand earlier than normal at about 3:00 today. Around 4:00 see my first deer. Small 8 pt moving north to south and passes my stand at 20 yards. At 5:20 see the next buck working the same direction and stops to scrape a tree. I grunted a few times to get his attention. He started to circle my stand then worked toward the cow pasture with cows at the fence line. As he got closer, one of the cows turned toward the fence to look at him. The buck walked to within 10 yards and stopped, then bobbed his head and stomped his front foot sending the cow running. It was pretty entertaining to watch. Ended up seeing two more small bucks, all of which followed the same trail at twenty yards from the stand. Total of 4 bucks for the afternoon. None were shooters but looking forward to next time.
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    I think you should have been there before for sure! I sure am glad you are there now! Sounds like a great spot. Does not sound like the deer are scared of the cows............. maybe the cows scared of the deer! lol Hope you have a nice shooter soon!

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    Cool story, good luck at that spot! Yesterday morning I glassed a buck on a neighbors south fence row @ 500 yds. He followed the fence row to the road and crossed where he followed the tree line along the river then veered into the pasture heading straight for the cows at a slow trot. He went right through the middle of the cows that were grazing in the pasture and the cows moved out of his way as he passed. I use to think the same way as you use to, now my beliefs have changed too.:cheers:
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    I have a spot that sounds very similar to yours. Over the past years it has been my best stand, because the deer travel right on the edge and if the cows are close to that fence line, they just duck into the woods and run the other side of the fence. This year however, the farmer had to move his cows out because he is about out of grass, and the deer are moving farther out in the field and not presenting any kind of shot with the bow. It will still be good for firearms, but it sure has messed up a good bowhunting stand.
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    I think hunting next to cows can actually help you out. They can hear and see things move easier then we can. So if you see a group of cattle looking towards a cedar patch or the woods, better turn your attention that way as well. Chances are it's a deer working it's way to you.
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    Sep 11, 2009
    I had seven deer grazing with the cows Saturday night. They didn't bother them at all. Sunday morning I saw more deer in the cattle pasture. The deer at my place aren't bothered by cows.