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Deer Blinds

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Last year I was looking for some deer blinds that were lightweight, durable and affordable and it led me to LazyMan Deer Stands made in Cabot Arkansas. I liked them so much, I became the dealer for the Springfield/Bolivar area in 2019.

I welcome all MWT'rs to check them out at www.g4outdoor.com and shoot me a text or PM if you have any questions or want to discuss checking them out in person. I currently have all 6 models in stock with different window packages and I have all 6 models on display so you can sit in each one and see what is the best fit for you.

I personally was turned onto them because they are easy to transport as they "Nest" inside one another, they are lightweight allowing me to elevate them in the field without the help of heavy equipment and they are comfortable for all day sits. Not to mention that you can buy multiple LazyMan stands for the price of 1 of the leading manufactures. Most of my personal set ups are on hay wagons or gravity wagons and I can move them around my deer leases based on movement at different points of the season.

Most models have a choice between bow windows, gun windows, or a combo of each. The price is the same regardless of the window configuration. Click on each model on the website for specific dimensions of each model.

I know some guys on MWT that have them, maybe they can chime in on how they like them.

Text/Call John G. @ 417-770-0263 or shoot me a PM.

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Fat Girl Combo
Fat Man Gun
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Fat Girl Combo on display in my shop
Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

One of my set ups on the way to Kansas in 2018.
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Thanks for all of the inquiries and MWT members who have purchased a blind (or 2). I still have most models and window configurations in stock and I will be getting more into inventory soon. Shoot me a PM to check them out.......John
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Where’s your business located??
Where's your business located??
North of Bolivar about 15 miles.
These have floors in them? How are you connecting them to your platforms? Lags?
Four of the six models have floors in them. Yes I use lags.
We have 2 of them currently that my cousin and friend setup on our farm this summer.Can see one in the background of this picture.They definitely serve their purpose as a budget friendly easy to elevate option.Can see one of the setups we have in background of this pic the camera took
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Bump for anyone thinking about a blind for this season. Shoot me a PM and set up a day/time to check them out. My inventory is starting to shrink and some models will be tough to get before season if you wait to long.......John. :wave1:
Does the fatgirl combo have a floor? @G4Farms
Does the fatgirl combo have a floor? @G4Farms
Yes. The fiberglass shell and then the wood floor lays on top of it. Wood floor is included with purchase.
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