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Discussion in '2011 Whitetail General' started by kc704, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. kc704

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    Dec 9, 2004
    So it looks like the wife is gonna let me outta the hospital tonight (M-I-L is gonna stay with her & the kiddo) so that leaves me with a good afternoon to do something. Thinking about running up to the farm and getting a couple of hours in the stand. Figured I'd sit back in #4 with my decoy out. Last sit I had him set up as a doe and had a nice buck come in within minutes, but was still too dark to get a shot. Was thinking about setting up with it as a buck, but possibly leaving one side of his antlers off as a "weak" side. Will bucks normally circle on the "weak" side? I'm gonna have him quartering towards me if he is set up as a buck. What say you??
  2. kc704

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    Dec 9, 2004
    Exercise your right to VOTE people!!

  3. Ozarks-Bowhunter

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    Jan 28, 2006
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    I have not done much decoying. Just once as a matter of fact. I have heard that they will go to the ''missing antler'' side and you would want it quartering to.
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    I voted for doe, just because does in most areas are getting pressured pretty hard by the bucks right now, and if you have does come in and see a buck, they might leave the area. We all know that does are the best thing to have by you during the rut. If your not worried about spooking does then go with the buck, both antlers......02