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    Took a short walk today looking for some sheds and got lucky and found this matched set. They were about ten feet apart in a thick bedding area.

    I seen this buck during the late alternative season following a doe. He had a hurt front leg and was limping pretty hard when I last seen him. IMG_2365[1].JPG

    I found one other smaller shed a couple weeks ago when I was working on fence one day but that's all I've found so far this year.
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    what is that viney stuff, i have a great bedding area in a bottom i walked the other day and there were tons of beds in the same looking stuff haha, is it honeysuckle
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    Yep, Japanese honeysuckle.

    Nasty stuff. Climbs anything and everything, covers up small trees and shrubs, mats over everything on the ground if not controlled. Deer love it but it's a stinking mess.
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