Dear Cubs: Perhaps it's time we moved on

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    Sep 27, 2005
    A letter to the CUBS...............

    Dear Cubs and Cubs fans,

    This is going to sound a little bit awkward, after being together for so long, but there are some things we need to talk about. Now, before you try to interrupt me, please, hear me out. When this relationship first began it was great, i mean how many times did you drive down I-55 just to see the game and revel in Busch Stadium's great atmosphere? It wasn't just one sided though, we did the same for many years. We loved going to Wrigley, and taunting you, and reciving back the not-so-quick-witted responses of the adorable, lovable crowd that supported their loser team. Those were great days, wonderful days even. But things have changed.

    There was apoint in my life where i would flip on WGN if the cubs were playing just to see what was going on in chicago these days, to watch the cubs play, to try to identify with you guys, and i enjoyed doing it, but over the last few years well, the reasons we were together just dont make sense anymore. To wit, in the last ten years you've won only one division championship in a year the division was down. And you barely won at that. I need someone to push me to do great things, and you no longer do that. I had hopes that things would change with the arrival of Dusty, Prior, Wood, Nomar, Derek Lee, Aramis Ramirez and PAtterson, but you just never seemed to turn the corner.

    In a way it's not you, its me. I've changed and you havent changed with me. I'm not content anymore to win and win and win, and its become boring. Like i said before, i need someone with a little ambition. The thrill between us is gone, the spark is out, the flame is gone. We've become boring and predictable. I dont like that, i need some adventure, i need a rush.

    This letter is really a way for me to say goodbye, for now. Ive found what im looking for in the Houston Astros. They're dangerous, they're exciting, they give me the rush and thrill i'm seeking. Theres something to play for all the time, their fans arent drunk all the time, the rarely cause trouble when they come to visit, but we always have a good time. This isnt something that has just happened, but i havent been cheating on you per se. I just have been talking with Houston, flirting a little bit, it started last October really.

    It continued into this year, when i realized i was much more excited about seeing the Astros than i was you. It was then that i realized what was going on. So until further notice, I will now Consider Houston my "official rival", please don't be too upset. We can still be civil and friendly to each other when we see each other, and every now and then fall back on our memeories of the old magic and spark. (Maybe even a drunken hookup every now and then in a brief but regrettable relapse - that wouldn't be so bad). but the relationship is we know it now is on hold, and i would suggest you take this time to go find yourself and your place in this world.

    By the time you read this I will be gone, but rest assured we will see each other soon, and i hope you will be better off for my decision. I'm hoping you find someone that makes YOU happy. I hear the brewers are looking for someone to get into a very long term relationship with. Please don't be angry, soon you will see that this is for the best.

    St. Louis and Cardinal Fans