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Dad shot a decent one

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Long story short. Due to some injuries my dad has not hunted in years and almost never really bowhunted. He took interest in it mainly because it is about all I think about at any given moment. We set up one of my old bows for him and he practiced all summer. On Sept. 22nd at 7am he shot this dude.

I told him going into the woods that he would be in the best stand and would most definitely get a shot at SOMETHING. He texts me shortly after light and says hes covered up in deer. I tell him to be standing and ready cuz its a thick spot and deer are on top of ya quick. At 645 he sends a text..."How big does a buck have to be to shoot?" I text back, "No antler restrictions where we are. Shoot anything"

I get text at 650..."GOT HIM"
Then..."BIG BUCK"
Then..."Hes down within sight!"

Apparently, it was a 10 yard shot and he put a 2 blade 125 gr stinger through both shoulders and anchored him! The buck jumped upon impact and landed on a fallen tree. He said the buck landed with 2 legs on each side of the tree. Like it was straddling it. It was squirming on the tree and then eventually kicked its self backwards off the tree and toppled end over end down into a ravine and died.

I said, "YOURE LUCKY! That almost never happens. Ya walk in here on your first sit…shoot a nice buck and see it go down within sight!"

He was STOKED!

It was a great morning to share in the woods with him.


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congrats to you both!
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Heck yeah. Congrats to pops
Great story, and nice deer.
Looks like an ol' switchback xt still killing them.. ?
Just awesome! Congrats
Yes switchback XT 50lbs @ 27.5" draw.
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that's AWESOME, used a bow to boot!!! glad his practice and choice of guide paid off!
Us old guys can still get it done!

Way to go Dad!
If that story doesnt get your heart rate up nothing will.
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That's excellent. A great way to get back into hunting. Congrats to him.
Great story. Congrats to all involved
AWESOME congrats to both of you :cheers:
Yes switchback XT 50lbs @ 27.5" draw.
ONe of the best mattys ever made. Congrats, bet he was stoked.
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