cwd posatives now at 18.

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    Talked to an agent on monday . So far no new cases have been found as a result of the culling efforts in Franklin county's hot zone . Obviously still a lot more testing will occur before all is said and done
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    but 2 rights made an airplane,Wright's
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    seems to be the best plan or PLAN!
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    That's good news. 18 isn't good overall but beats what it could be.
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    The official plan is that the carnage ends March the 15th.There has been a uptake in samples from outside the management zone which probably is why one showed up in Perry county 6 miles from the earlier positive. We got to the Perry county line because of the mandated check in of all deer killed the first 2 days of rifle season.
    Poaching deer well outside of the area was common up here in the beginning but with the new kinder, gentler sponge of the seals all additional deer killed outside of fair chase hunting are supposed to be within 2 miles of a positive not 6 miles.
    It is certain that with the positives occurring down there that mdc has not found the extent of it.But with the contact DR. Bastian key not being pushed what good does it to to kill the deer when no work is being done to use the tools available to start the task of following the bacteria reasonable so they will know how it spreads .
    Without work to defeat cwd mdc is only hastening the time when no deer season will occur. Before the appearance of 2 new strains of ehd it was thought that we would always have a deer season but all does would be needed to maintain a hunt able population.
    Conservation departments have to do their part since over ninety percent of the scientist are bought in to everything PRION. Until they gets there heads out of their 89h4bks the fight against cwd will not occur.