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  1. Cedar Thicket

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    Another year, another journal.

    Headed to the farm on the 7th to do some things. Ended up getting my new 1/2 acre ladino plot seeded. It had a bit more ground cover than I expected over the winter after I used glyphosphate multiple times through the year last year. Mostly dead, but Im hoping I get good soil contact.

    Finally ended up cutting a gnarly tree down on a fence row, between multiple huge cedars. This will eventually be where I put my bad weather box blind hopefully this summer. I can see a long ways and two different crop field from there.

    Took a atv ride friday night when we got there to pick up trail cameras, and ended up finding a shed on the woodline 4 minutes into the ride. Looked for the other but nothing. Shed hunt about 2 hours on Sunday with no results. Got my one, thats a shed season wrap for me.
  2. Judah

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Great day
    Got your stick of summer sausage ready for you...

  3. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    :claphands: Awesome. Can't wait!
  4. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Couple pics from the last few months. The cameras didn’t last the full sit since I started with used batteries. Was hoping to spot a good buck still on his feet but that didn’t happen.

    The goofy one with the leg injury is still alive. And had tons of coyote pics once again

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  5. Wings Fan 19

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    Dec 4, 2008
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    That's one more shed than my 'season' of a 2 hour walk netted for me.
  6. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Few more

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  7. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy


    Yea. I don't expect to find many for sure. But I Always find them when In NOT looking for them

    It was only 2 hours but thought we had a better chance this year, cause we had our shooting day, some guys left, and then had 4 guys walking around covering a lot more ground.. :shrug:
  8. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Forgot while we were riding/walking all over the farm all weekend, we kicked up rabbits all over the place. More than we ever have. Shoot, there was two in the brush pile we made just the day before. Place is getting thicker and I guess its helping the bunny population out which is good to see, suprising with all the hawks and yotes around.

    Brother got a coyote call for christmas. So we went out Saturday for the last hour or so to give it a try. Was fun to hear that thing work! But he musta had too much fun on it at his house and spoiled our party, because the batteries died with about 30 minutes of light left. :stickfight:
  9. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Finished getting the box blind frame all welded up. Got it painted as well. It'll be 11 feet high to the platform when it's done.
    It should withstand North Missouris windiest days. :)

    Now on to the woodwork at some point.
  10. HarvDog

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    CT ain't messing around :cheers:
  11. callaojoe

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    Good luck this year, hope you pile up the dead critters.:eek::
  12. fl3157

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    Oct 12, 2010
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    Now that's a heavy duty tower base there. Goodness!!! :eek::
  13. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Thanks. :cheers:

    Hoping for better results in 2015
  14. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    Any way to get some trapping done? Really helps with the turkey and rabbit pop. Loving the frame for your box blind. Are you going to build your own blind ad well or purchase one?
  15. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Hoping it lasts until I'm dead, :) and my kids kids kill deer out of it.

    Honestly, it was more, 8 hours work at home and finished product VS 3+ framing and such on farm time 3 hours away, which is hard to come by with 3 kids.

    So much to be done, rather not spend precioustime up there doing something I can possible do at home.
  16. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Really haven't thought about the trapping.

    Thanks. Im going to build my own. Got the idea ready, just got to find the time to get it done this summer hopefully.

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  17. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Got out sunday until about 1030. Was set up in time on an old logging road surrounded by timber. Only heard one bird gobble about 4-5 times on roost, then didn’t hear anything the rest of the day. Fewest gobbles Ive heard here. Did find out two toms had been taken on this farm during the week. Had a hen come into my first set up and hang around for 30 minutes.

    Maybe I can get back out this weekend.

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  18. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Went north on Saturday afternoon. Was surprised I got all the piers done in the time I did while consuming adult beverages. Given their location I was surprised I only had to go through one 2 inch root in all four holes.

    Opted out of turking hunting Sun morning. Had 2 piers filled with quikrete by 730 am, and the other two after the concrete was hard enough to pull a tape on them and square it up. Didn't hear a gobble all morning anyways.

    The view is pretty nice atop this thing. Its up against some big cedars in a fence row deer use, between two crop fields. Ill be able to cover some distance on a rainy day from here. Should have this sucker bolted down on memorial day

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  19. Cedar Thicket

    Cedar Thicket Blonde Bearded Guy

    Had a day and half at the farm with the family. Ran the brush hog and set out three cams.

    After I got the frame moved and bolted down, I slide the subfloor frame on, sealed it with rust-oleum restore and tarped it until I get the rest built.


    This sucker is sturdy, could hardly shake it. I see some deer dying from the kiddos here. Some views from the top.

  20. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    That's gonna be tough spot/stand to beat!!