Criticisms of MDC's finances are shortsighted

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    I found a link to this article today in my inbasket. Thought I would share it with everyone. A very well written article I think and nails the greed and envy of some of our state officials. :soapbox:


    Here is a link to the actual article........

    Here is the article in whole as printed and published in the columbia tribune

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    Good Post mrb......but I only need to read it once :D

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    Sorry man.. I got to stuttering something bad there......:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    There was a write up in Outdoor Life a few years ago, looking at every state and how their DNR or Conservation departments funding looked. They wrote that Missouri was a model state that other states should follow as to how their funding should work. Instead of having to increase license and tag fees every year, both resident and non-resident, or having to layoff workers in order to meet their budget, the percentage of ordinary sales tax helps offset the cost and allows the department to do things that otherwise would be impossible, financially, to do.

    I hope the politicians keep their grubby hands out of it and stop trying to ruin a good thing we Missourians have here.