Creek bottoms?

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    What do you look for when hunting a creek bottom? Is it better to find a spot where multiple ridges and draws meet up in one central location? Seems deer love the creek bottoms, but it's easier to get winded from what I've seen. Is it better to hunt them when it's really windy as to disperse scent or only hunt mornings when your scent rises? There's a few bottoms I'd like to hunt, but don't want to be getting busted all the time either.
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    9 times out of 10 a set in a true creek bottom is fools gold... they look killer but are almost impossible to hunt. Hunting the creek crossing trails a bit away from the bottom is an option.

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    Stay on top of the ridges. You wont see as many deer but you educate nearly as many to your presence. Generally Older bucks will cruize the ridge tops and scent check all the draws from above. The younger dumber bucks will run everywhere, the big ones know to save energy when they can and how to use there #1 weapon. Their .02
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    Creek bottoms are great for me, I have 1/2 mile of muddy creek running from north to south on my place. Several bucks run up and down that during the rut since it is all timbered.

    I see the most movement at what I call the "crossroads" its where the north/south creek bottom is attached to a flat bottom ditch that runs east/west with a bluff on the north side of the flat bottom ditch. A natural pinch point where all the trails come together at that one point. Something like that is a good place to start IMO.

    Here are some pics of how the deer use the area:

    The bluff is in the upper right hand corner, the flat bottom ditch is just to the right and the creek bottom is to the left. THey cross here all the time in an east to west motion.




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    Here is an aerial of the spot, the L shaped line is the bluff, the straight line is the flat bottom ditch and the black hole is the crossroads spot.

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    W e have a very deep hollow that runs at the back of my brother's property and stretches for miles on past the property line. There is a dry creek that runs thru this hollow. Every year, there is a major trail the runs throw the bottom parrallel to the creek. This year, with October being so dry, they have the creek crossing turned into powder. The bottom also leads to one of the best bedding areas on the property. If you can find some major trails leading to and from some major bedding areas, it would be worth the try.

    Two year ago a sat in the bottom and could almost set my watch by when the deer used that trail. However, everytime I moved closer to the bottom, they used a different route. Still with in my sight, but not clear enough of close enough for a good look.