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A rare sight has hit the desert plains of Las Vegas - snow, and lots of it.

Tourists take a rare snap of the snow-covered welcome sign

It's the worst storm in 30 years, as three inches of snowfall has been forecasted to settle on the palm trees and casinos of the famous Las Vegas strip.

Other parts of the city are expecting as much as eight inches of snow, in the week's second snowstorm.

Schools have been closed due to snow for the first time in three decades, as the city struggles to cope with the wintry conditions.

The Las Vegas strip

Some holidaymakers have been forced to extend their holidays, as all flights in and out of the city are cancelled.

They've flocked to the landmark "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign - now covered in snow - to have their photos taken of the rare sight.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Gorelow said the three inches of snow set to settle on the strip would break the current December record of two inches, set in 1967.

But he said it wouldn't match the Las Vegas winter record of nine inches, set in 1974.

The wintry weather has been blamed on a powerful wet Pacific storm combined with a rare Arctic chill.
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