Couple of game camera pics...

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by Mastevt, May 26, 2009.

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    Checked my camera on sunday, and the batteries were dead again. So I took it home. Got a couple of pics of some deer, one young buck, looks like a yearling, and a young doe. Not sure in the 3rd pic.

    Mystery deer:

    Gonna try something new with the battery situation. Moultrie said you can't use rechargables in them, yet it says you can in the owners manual. I've got 2 6volts from one of those power toys that the kids ride around in. They aren't that old, we ended up trashing the toy after the axle broke just after we bought the batteries. anyways, I got a cord that plugs into the camera, and gonna wire the batteries in series to make it a 12volt, and set it up and see how long it goes. Gotta be better than buying 6 D's every month. Atleast these are rechargable.

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    :cheers: any thing worth a try? Buddy uses a lawn mower battery he says he gets six months even in a spot where it takes lots of pic`s? Just my 2 cents:shrug:
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    I wonder why your camera eats batteries?? I have 3 moultrie game spy 4.0 cameras that run on 6 D batteries. I put em out last July and they didn't need new batteries until mid october. I put my camera on 1 minute delay and on the highest quality setting.....I got a couple thousand pics between the three cameras betwen mid july and mid october. In cold weather I had em up and the batteries still lasted a month...that being from early Jan thru mid feb.
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