Considering selling one of my tracking dogs--Bavarian Mountain Hound

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    I have 3 tracking dogs now, and don't have enough time to work them all. Typically we run about 30 tracks a year, which is barely enough to keep 1 or 2 dogs in tip top shape. Unfortunately, my Bavarian Mountain Hound, Chloe, is my least productive dog, but has the most ability. As many of you may know, the BMH, is bred for blood tracking, and make some of the best trackers on the planet. As a pup, Chloe was outstanding, but due to some mistakes I made with her soft personality and my type A training, she has not become the dog I need her to be on tough tracks. We ran the UBT II track this past year (a 24 hour old, 800 meter track with 3 oz of blood), and she was unable to complete it due to distractions. She had 3 rabbits get up under her nose within the first 50 yards and wouldn't stay settled on the track. That said, she ran the practice track the day before flawlessly, and has recovered over a dozen deer, sometimes with flawless performance, sometimes lack luster. We track for a fee, and I can't trust her to be as good as I need, and my wife says I have to downsize, so Chloe will need a new home if I can find her one.
    She is a very friendly hound with good obedience. She loves all people, and does best when allowed to interact frequently. She functions best as an indoor/outdoor dog, and will not do well in a kennel or yard with no attention. She is housebroken and rides well in the truck or kennel, but hates being left in the kennel. No aggression towards people at all, but she can be dominant around other dogs, especially intact females. This has to be taken into account in any home she may be placed in.
    She LOVES to play frisbee, and is an amazingly agile frisbee catching machine. I always wanted a great frisbee dog, and she is it.
    She is also still intact, and could be bred if you can find a BMH stud. She had a single puppy recently after a lab made it into my yard when she was in heat and had been let out to pee while I was at work. This was an unintentional breeding (which would be frowned upon by most BMH owners), but it is what it is. This pup is likely to make a great tracker, and already has a home. Full blooded unpapered BMH pups go for about $1000 a piece, so if she is not the tracker you need, but you have enough love for more than one dog, you can breed her for another pup and make some additional money to boot. I have several thousand invested in her as well as years of training, but am willing to part with her for $500 as long as she goes to the RIGHT HOME, where someone will love her and appreciate her. If the right home doesn't come around then I will happily keep her catching frisbees at my house. I just don't feel like I am doing her any justice by not tracking with her. Serious inquiries who can meet those qualifications can PM me.
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