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Well I have desided that having a fish finder is a neaded peice of equipment now that my friend and I have that boat.

But I have been looking at the magazines and the web sites and am only getting more confused about them. I know you get what you pay for, but I also know that eletronics ahve advanced alot in last years so it not always nesasary to pay the hiest prise to get a good product.

I have never had no experience with fish finders at all. Alls i know is threw radar they show you in soem faculty on the screen what is below. Some of the ones I have seen show teh dept rt above the fish icon on teh display others ahve jsut swigels marking for fish and teh depth line is on rt side of moniter. Some ahve coler moniters that can show teperature variences others are black and white moniters.
I saw From 120.00 to 2000.00 at cabelas. Id be more inclind to order from cabelas if htey had a desent one since no way to get to bass pro shop.

If any one knows of a good beginer fish finder that wont sink my wallet, or knows waht technical jargen I shoudl look for or stay away from p[lease let me know. Also woudl it being for a alunamin boat goof up teh sending and receiving of the radar any?
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