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Congrats to my daughter... now looking for advice

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My oldest daughter (11) was drawn for the managed youth deer hunt at August A. Busch on my birthday (Nov. 1st-2nd). I've never been personally but am hoping one of my friends out there has some info/advice, good tips, or solid place to start looking. This is a hunt for her first deer and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity so I'm trying to make it a special memory. So if you or anyone you know has any advice or information. Please don't hesitate to hollar it's for the kids. THANKS
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Congrats and good luck. I'm not too familiar with that area, but I'm pretty sure one or more will send you a response either here or on a pm.
Thank you for the response. I appreciate any wisdom or advice anyone has. It's hopefully a perfect storm, her first deer, a managed hunt, and my birthday.
Spent a zillion hours at Busch over the year. I have done bow hunts and youth hunts out there. Haven't applied for a hunt out there in a couple of years. I will give you a detailed/marked up arial photo. This truly is an outstanding draw.
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Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!!
Get Gutpiles map and get your own too, there are a lot of natural pinch points out there that are easy to find on a map. Also, don't discount evening scouting trips with your daughter weeks before your hunt, even if your just slowly driving and exploring. You will see all kinds of animals out there, so it will be fun for her too.

Congrats on the draw and good luck!
I'm planning our inaugural trip tomorrow but the area is so huge it looks a bit imposing. Plus for her first this dad's feeling the pressure. Are these docile or highly pressured deer?
Thanks for the replies so far guys. Good to have community.
Fairly pressure most likely. There a several hunt just prior to yours. Get their early early and get your spot set. The sign will likely be off the charts in the weeks just prior to the hunt
Place is a maze of roads and bunkers everywhere .....Are you allowed anywhere on the place or do they have zones set up for hunters ?
Looks like only archery hunters allowed before your hunt ....muzzleloaders comes in after your hunt .......deer trade back and forth across hwy d from weldon to busch etc ,,,,,Deer are all the way back to lake 36 which is probably the most remote ,,But dont count out in the middle or up front by entrance .....Pockets of woods everywhere
I'm planning our inaugural trip tomorrow but the area is so huge it looks a bit imposing. Plus for her first this dad's feeling the pressure. Are these docile or highly pressured deer?
There are maps at the office and the folks that work there are very nice. Don't be afraid to ask if they have any advice for you and your daughter to get her first deer! If she can make big doe eyes, that's even better. Don't be intimidated, there are signs everywhere, you won't get lost driving around. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your daughter and don't forget permethre bug spray if you're planning
Also, there is usually a hunter/guide orientation the weekend before that you have to attend in order to be eligible to hunt. Don't forget!
There are good deer out there. They are pressured both from hunters and hikers alike. I would choose a path less traveled and hike a bit. I have found some nice sheds out there and I have seen some monsters personally; they're there, and good luck!
I have been at the archery range the lastt few weeks and driving around too kill time.
in simple terms. when you drive in, stop at the T, draw a straight line in same direction you are facing and anything to the left is almost all corn and beans, to the right is a lot of weed fields and 2 corn fields and one eaten down bean field. Several of the weed fields were planted to sunflowers for dove season but they were rained out. That is what the ranger told me.
The only place I have not checked out is behind lake 32 and the archery range.

you cannot hunt the archery range
You're in for a great time. If she is not comfortable shooting, get some range time. In the field, she will most likely shoot sitting with her back against a tree, knees up, elbows on knees. Practice that and shooting from one knee on the ground. If not practiced, she will worry about recoil and not focus on the target. She will shake plenty, even if she is a good shot . Orientation used to include range time. Girls are generally more coachable than boys. If she is comfortable behind the gun and shoots well, the boys will be intimidated.
Best of luck. Enjoy the time with your daughter.
ETA. Electronic hearing protection is great. Add foam ear plugs at the range. The range noise can be intimidating.
Tip while at Busch:
Do not wear as an outside layer of, fleece, wool, leafy stuff, good hunting clothes, flannel etc...

I learned my lesson a few years ago after I ruined a pair of good leafy pants. Below is a picture of my nylon hiking pants with a few stickers had already remooved quite a few of them. Found the best thing for a credit card, is to use it as a scraper.

Plant Sleeve Terrestrial plant Trunk Tree
Sleeve Automotive lighting Line Automotive exterior Tints and shades
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