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I decided that maybe some links to some commercial cams that are out on the market would go nicely here. Links are at the bottom of this post that will take you to pages advertising that particular cam.

If you own one or more of these cams, I would like your input, please email me at [email protected] with as much info as you can about the cam, give me honest reviews, remember that others may buy that particular cam based on your opinion, so give the good and the bad. that way I can put this info together and keep it all together and put into a pinned topic for future readers to find quickly. I need your help with this or I will get nowhere.
Also, there are several here who use cams that I have built, Lets exclude them from the reviews. this is for commercial cams only.

Examples would be;

flash range,reliability,false triggering, not rewinding film, water proof,Accessorys,battery life,compatabilitys with operating systems (digital), noise, is it flimsy and prone to need repair?
Give the scoop on it and try to think of little things that you may really like as well as those little things that you feel they could have done better that just irritate you.

Just a few that I could find


Stealth cam

Deer Cam

Recon Talon, Cabelas

Bushnell trail scout @ bass pro

Moultrie game spy

Leaf River cams

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Moultrie Digital Game Spy 100(2.31 model).

Big thanks to Mali from Tecomate Wildlife Systems for this review. :wink4: I am sure it may help save others money and time by purchasing the right model first time. This has been mentioned a few times, but feel this is something that needs a permanent spot.

I have a good bit of experience with the Moultrie Digital Game Spy 100(2.31 model).

This camera(1.3 megapixel) is very easy to set up right out of the box and the maual is easy to follow. Off the bat, I would suggest buying two lantern style 6 volt rechargable batteries, which hold more charge than one off the shelf and will save you money in the long run.

Night time shots are very nice but the daytime photos with ample light are very crisp and clean. You have the option of setting the camera to take 10 second video clips....but there is no sound(which is fine). To expand the use of the camera, you can use SD memory cards up to 512 mb. Delay settings can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 60 minutes. It has a system diagnostics test button which tests the battery strenght, flash charge, delay and memory. You can also set the camera to title the location of your camera, like "south field" or "John's Farm." This can help will keeping track of locations and bucks using them.

The camera has been a great performer. However, on several occassions when checking the unit in the field, the display said "memory card full," or "memory card damaged." I am not sure what causes this but you can reset this by turning off the unit at the power switch, popping out the card, then re inserting the card and powering up again. You might have to do this several times.

Overall, the unit has been great. I have several of them in my arsenal and have thousands of great photos. There was some confusion amonst people on several forums who bought the Moultrie from Walmart. Moultrie made an exclusive for Walmart that was inferior and not as good as the 2.31 model. Some were saying how good their Moultrie were....some were saying it was junk. When in fact, the junk comments were coming from those who had the Walmart model. I have one of the Walmart models and although I did get some great pix with it, it is not as good as the other. Bass Pro carries only the nicer Model.

Moultrie has now come out with the Digital Game Spy 200 which is a 3.1 megapixel camera. I have already heard great things about the unit. One feature they added to this model was the moon phase at the time of the picture. It is imprinted on the photo along with the date, time and location title.

Mali Vujanic
Eastern Region Territory Manager
Tecomate Wildlife Systems

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Leaf River Mod. LR DC-2BU

Thanks to Hoytshooter for this review of the Digital leaf river cam

Link to some sample pictures, CLICK HERE, Thanks Hoytshooter!!!!

I recently got the LR DC-2BU. This is the model with the viewing screen inside for in field deleting of pics. I have heard others complain that it is too small to tell anything in the field but you can zoom in on pics and I think it is pretty nice. Whether or not it will be used much has yet to be seen.
As for the camera itself. I would disagree with the review on the provided link (link previous post) regarding the difficulty in understanding operating it. I felt the manual was pretty well written and had no problem programming it at all.
I have only had it out for one run so far and got several pics all does and yearlings, they were on a trail and not a plot or other site to stop them. I had 3 empty photos to start, but I think they were me setting it off while putting it up.
I would agree that the trigger time isn't real fast but I don't see it as a problem necessarily. It doesn't seem to be any slower than other cams I have used and the problem isn't one of major concern for me personally, as a cam can be set up to combat that problem such as angling up or down a trail.
I havn't had it out for a long time yet, but the battery life seems excellent. It takes alot of batteries, 4 D and 4 C, but it looks like they will last a long time. I had it out for about two weeks on it's first run and the entirety of the time the temps were VERY cold. From the beginning of Dec to this past monday and the batteries still read completely full. I was impressed with that as the temps were at or below freezing for almost the entire time it was out.
Granted I havn't had it long, but will definately add more feedback as I go along good and bad. I plan to check it tomorrow and possibly move it depending on what it has taken.
As far as features, I will say I really like the option of being able to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to avoid pictures sensed out of range and having nothing in the pic. Time will tell if this will be a problem area after extended use. I also personally like the options for photo size and quality as well as the delay settings.
Like I said, I will for sure give any bad thoughts that come up but so far I think I'm going to like it.
I should also say that one of the reasons I went with leaf river is it's company's (Vibrashine) reputation for customer service. Hopefully I won't need it but at least I know it's there if I do.
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