Clover seed sowed 2/20 (pics)

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  1. rmr

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    :cheers: Well its on now, i thought it is about the right timeing to frost seed my clover so i sowed about 4 1/2
    acres on two different places. the place in the pic is a place I lease I planted about two acres of wheat last fall but it was late and didnt get a good stand so I sowed red,ladino, and white dutch clover in that spot the gound was dry and mellow I hope I dont get a hard rain before the seed works in a nice two inch snow would be great , or a gentle 1/2 inch rain would be the ticket. The other place was where I had the turnips I dont know how thats going to work there are
    thousands of turnips still in the ground I also sowed some seed in a couple of spots that already have clover just to re-seed. I drove my four wheeler into my bean plot and the beans were poping out like pop-corn i hope the turkeys and
    deer eat them before May. I probably could still harvest 15-20bushels per acre from them. The turnips are the big disappointment fro this years plot and maybe in a normal year they would have been eaten but this year sure has not been normal. My thoughts on sowing into the turnips if it doesnt work I will use that spot to plant wheat or oats in this fall, If it does work I will either leave it or disc the clover up and use that nitrogen for the wheat or oats . good luck to
    everybody with this years plots.
  2. rmr

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    here is the other place I sowed into the turnips,
    and re seeded into existing clover

  3. xxx

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    :cheers::cheers: Looks like a real good spot bud..... Keep us posted.....
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    Dec 13, 2002
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    Great looking area. Good luck............:cheers:
  5. riverbottomhunter

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    Sep 27, 2005
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    Now that you got yours done, ready to help with mine:D
  6. rmr

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    sure Josh,
    First we should discuss my fee schedule.
    then Ill have to consult my timemanagment advisor
    DDR.:whip: If we can get through all that red tape
    be glad to help.:cheers:
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    May 19, 2003
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    Is that a homemade ATV spreader? Looks convenient.
  8. rmr

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    no I got it at the place that I got the 4 wheeler it is a HERD Seeder they are still in business found them on the net
    it works great with seed but I have been afraid to use
    it with fertilizer because of rust its all metal. its about 12 years old would like to have one of the newer ones that have more hard plastic parts for spreading fert.
  9. riverbottomhunter

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    Sep 27, 2005
    Chariton Co.
    Timemanagement advisor. Thanks I was needing a new job title for the mrs.
  10. henry

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    If you get one for fertilizer, get one that mounts up high on the rack. A low mounted on like in your photo, will throw some material under the atv,,,,,,,,,,,and that plays h$ii with brake cables etc. (voice of bad experience)