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    Dec 17, 2006
    osage county
    I just came in from checking a couple plots and got a question. I broadcast clover and chicory into about 1/2 acre of wheat back in March. The chicory came in pretty decent and the clover not so good. Since it was a home blend I don't think I got the chicory thick enough to justify leaving it stand alone. Will it thicken up naturaly? Maybe try reseeeding clover into it next winter or scrap it and start over this fall? My other wheat plots the clover came in great but for some reason (maybe cuz I used year old seed in this one) not in this plot. Open to suggestions.
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    Jan 21, 2004
    I planted chicory last year and it thickened up. Some of the clover will likely come in later as well. I sure wouldn't scrub the whole thing if it was me and I had a decent start on the chicory. I think I'd overseed some fall clover and maybe find an area nearby to put in percentages wheat, clover, brassica and maybe some more chicory.
    Good luck.

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    Double that.. overseed with clover this fall and expect a good stand next spring.
    Gamegetter knows his stuff so his advice is golden Jack.
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    If the deer don't completely destroy it, the Chickory will get big and bushy and fill in nicely. It will even put on a nice growth spurt once the weather cools off in the fall. I'd leave what you have and see what develops.