Changed to this is my best shot to date.

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    Oct 24, 2003
    I made a shot today and I want to show off a bit so, I took a buddy of mine and we went up to the range today with the 30-06, M1 carbine and the .308. The idea was to let my friend shoot the carbine as he has never seen one before and I was going to sight the 30-06 in and burn up the rest of the 1961 .308 military ammo I had for the cases. So after sighting in the 06 and shooting up some of the old .308 stuff, my friend and I was out to the 190yd marker where there was some metal stands and heavy steel plates which I setup, while standing there I found this broken arrow and stuck it in one of the bullet holes in the stand. We walked back down to the shooting area and I started banging away at the steel some, my buddy says try to hit that arrow well I had about 8 rounds of the old .308 left so I said ok after blowing away 8 rounds and making a really nice hole in the hill I took out one of my Barnes reloads which I didn't want to do but when you are mad cost is irrelevant. I lined her up real close and gently squeezed the trigger the arrow didn't fall so I was really ticked off and after hearing all the jokes from the peanut gallery now 5 guys strong, I walked up to get the arrow which I thought I missed and low and behold....

    [file]146904[/file] [file]146905[/file]

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    i had 2 bullets in the same hole with my 7mm STW at 200, and I dead centered a golf ball at 150 with a 270
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    Oct 24, 2003
    [rquote=1885913&tid=131392&author=dodge]i had 2 bullets in the same hole with my 7mm STW at 200, and I dead centered a golf ball at 150 with a 270[/rquote]Thats not bad shootin Dodge.
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    Mar 2, 2005
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    Nice shootin Tex!!!!
    I was shootin with a friend , many yrs ago. He had a disc blade hangin from a wire at about 240yds. He was shooting a .35Rem, and I had my .257 Rob. He was dinging the blade, I got tired if making the hole bigger, so I decided to shoot at the bailing wire that was holding it up in the tree,,,,.
    I took carefull aim,,,, breathe,,,,squeez,,,, disc blade falls out of the tree.:eek:
    I get the usual grumbling,,,,LUCKY,I am not walking down here next time,,,,,,
    WE get it hung up again,,, tied a knot in the wire,,,(bigger target),,,, Breathe,,,,squeese,,,, blade falls to the ground,,again. :blah:I get the normal ,,,,"You dropped it, you Hang it" thing.. I told him I had enuff practice. Iffn you want to shoot again,,, hang it yourself.!:wave: