Change for me this gun season

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    After many many years of hunting with an old high school buddy up in Pike County MO this year I will be hunting with my son on public ground.

    My buddy has a son and a brother with boys that are getting older and that place is turning into more a family gig. My son is growing older and in years past he hunted the youth hunt and I did my own thing during gun season.

    This year we are hunting together in the woods. We will have a basecamp at my brothers place near Cuivre River State Park and hang with them before and after the hunts. During the day we will be on public ground in Lincoln County. No trophy hunting for us. I will have to hang two stands waaay early saturday morning and we will be hunting side by side in teh same tree. Depending on how it goes I may relocate them for the evening hunt. We will be travelling heavy through the woods for sure.

    It will be an adventure, but just hangin with my oldest boy all day in the woods will be a riot. Rarely are we able to keep our composure with out a serious giggle session every 20 minutes.

    This will be the first time I have hunted this place during gun season so Lord only knows what we shall encounter, but bow hunting pressure is pretty low from what I have seen.

    This is a big change from what I have done in the past, which was primo stands on private ground for gun season. If a few things fall into place then it is possible we could end up on private land with my bro, but not counting on it.